Pulse OG

The PulseOG project pushes to escalate the adoption of PulseChain. Within the Richard Heart eco-system, PulseOG offers an auto-mining science, essentially becoming its own rewards generator for its user/miners. PulseOG activities have not ended with just staking but is more flexible. The "Pverse" is a MetaVerse inside of the PulseOG simulation that users can acquire, redistribute and manage Land. Which may open up wider potential audience than if the "$POG" token had less utility. PulseOG is an ecosystem within an ecosystem within an ecosystem.

The protocol's underlying mechanism allows miners to earn up to 8% yearly, with a starting total supply of twenty one trillion "$POG" tokens. The "Pverse City" Land distribution and "$POG" tokens will be available at PulseChain mainnet launch.

A major advantage of not being centralized is that we don't need middlemen to interact on our behalf. Mine, withdraw or hold our tokens or Land. Each action is carried out by the user and the user is king.


Do your own research before investing. Investing in defi protocols is risky and may result in monetary loss. By using PulseOG you agree that the PulseOG team is not responsible for any financial losses from investing in PulseOG, nor will we promise, any valuable returns now or in the future. PulseOG does not operate or control the contracts on the blockchain of this protocol. These are open and permissionless and we are incapable of preventing anyone from using the protocol directly from the blockchain. In using these contracts, you acknowledge that you understand this and are complying with the laws of your local jurisdiction.

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