How to Pverse City Marketplace

Pverse City MarketPlace

In this demonstration, we will assume you already have PulseChain tokens available.

If you are one of the lucky ones who may still mint a Pverse City Land NFT please visit here to mint:

Here is a guide on how to mint:

If all the Pverse City Land NFT's have been minted it will look like this:

If you already have minted or own a Pverse City Land NFT and would like to trade on the Marketplace please see here:

How to buy Pverse City Land NFT from the Marketplace

Please Visit:

Once the page has loaded click the "Connect Wallet" button then connect MetaMask Account.

If there are Pverse City Land NFTs for sale, the page will load and look like this after the MetaMask connection.

Browse the properties and find the Land that you would like to buy, then click the blue "Buy Land" button underneath the price information. The cost in in $PLS.

MetaMask will then prompt you to make an "PURCHASE ITEM" transaction. Click Confirm on MetaMask to finalize the task.

After completing the MetaMask transaction, the Pverse City Land NFT you purchased will disappear from the purchase page.

Congratulations! You are now an owner of Land in Pverse City!!!!

To see your newly acquired Land, click the "My Land" link at the top of the page.

How to List/Sell your Pverse City Land NFT's

In this demonstration we will assume that you already own Pverse City Land NFT.

Please visit:

Once the page is loaded, click the "Connect Wallet" button and then log in to MetaMask account.

After the MetaMask connection, click on the "My Land" link at the top of the page to refer to what you possess in the city of Pverse.

After loading, you will see a presentation of all the land you possess in Pverse City.

Ok, you should now refer to the unique Land "ID" of the NFT you wish to list/sell.

Great, now that you remember the unique ID for your Land NFT Click the "List" link at the top of the page.

You now have two data entries to complete, the first is your Land NFT ID which we have referenced from the "My Land" page and the price you would like to list your NFT in $PLS.

Important Warning!!!! Before going on: Once you have listed your Land NFT, there is no way to cancel your listing. Be aware of the amount you list your Land NFT for in $PLS.

After you have entered the Land ID and the amount you would like to list your NFT for in $PLS, click the blue "Approve and list Pverse City NFT!" button.

MetaMask will now prompt you to perform two transactions in a row. The first transaction is the setApprovalForALL() function which will allow your NFT to be transferred to the Marketplace to be listed. The second Transaction is the listItem() function which will list your Land NFT for sale. Confirm both transaction(s).

Impressive, If you see this pop-up window, you have listed your Land NFT for sale.

Well done, you can now go to the link "My Listed Items" at the top of the page. You should see your listed and sold Pverse City Land NFTS there along with list price and sold price data.

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