$POG Economics

Pulse Old Glory = $POG

$POG Token Utility

$POG is a utility and mining token that's secured by PulseChain Blockchain.

Initially, the token will also help bootstrap genesis users, liquidity provision, and trading activities through mining rewards and airdrops.

Chain Security

PulseOG runs on the PulseChain core, a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) based consensus engine fork of Ethereum.

PulseChain token holders can participate in securing the chain by running validation nodes. Validator nodes will be incentivized to be honest and have active participation in the consensus or risk slashing in case of malicious behavior by the participating validation node.

$POG Token Distrubution

The token distribution is strategized to create sustainable growth.

The distribution of $POG is designed to have a percentage of the supply bootstrapped to liquidity for the community and PulseChain sacrificers, to encourage the PulseChain ecosystem.

A percentage of the $POG supply will be paired with PulseChain tokens on the official PulseChain decentralized exchange "PulseX".

The total supply at genesis will be 21 trillion tokens that could only inflate a maximum of 8% a year.

$POG Token Release Schedule

At genesis, a percentage of the supply will be paired to PulseChain tokens to incentivise the early PulseChain adopters.

Total Genesis Supply – 21 trillion $POG.

$POG Supply & Reward Distribution

The token supply will be following a permanent inflationary schedule to facilitate rewards for miners.

Maintaining up to 8%, the inflation follows a payout of $POG rewards by mining $POG.

The mining rewards incentivize $POG holders to mine their tokens, thus increasing pumpamentals. Due to the inflation, miners will be rewarded with the best trustless yields for their contributions and support.

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